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NANOTECH Air Filter Pods

Superior Intake-System Efficiency and Capacity AMSOIL Universal Air Induction Filters (EaAU) are designed to replace stock oil-wetted gauze or foam conical filters supplied with custom intake systems. They deliver excellent airflow for maximum horsepower and improved filtering efficiency for superior protection against wearcausing contaminants. EaAU Filters are easily cleanable with lowpressure air or a shop vac for long service life. Maximum Horsepower Increased engine airflow translates into increased power. To boost airflow into the engine, the tops of EaAU Filters are cutaway. The media is inserted in a conical form that is oriented toward the direction of airflow. This configuration increases the surface area of filtration, which increases airflow through the filter for optimum power. Filter More Contaminants EaAU Filters are made from high-quality nanofiber media. In lab testing, the nanofiber media found in EaAU Filters removed 5X more dust than the average cellulose filter and 50X more dust than the average wet-gauze media, delivering excellent protection against wear-causing contaminants entering the engine. Durable Construction The nanofiber media used in EaAU Filters is pleated with epoxy-coated wire on the face and back for additional strength and stiffness. High-quality, pliable urethane connectors with plastisol potting complete the product. EaAU Filters are designed to withstand the severe operating conditions common to high-performance vehicles.


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