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OEM SHANK Flat Washer wheel nut

Exceeds OEM specifications! WHY? Because we can offer a superior product! Option of OEM style or with LOCK Splined Nut option! . Grade 8 steel! (Most are just Grade 6 steel, budget type are just grade 4! Not just stated as Forged steel, most steel are forged to start with…) . Our BLACK CHROME plating is a total of 4 layers! Most wheel nuts are only Dual layer plated! Budget the are just Single Layered! Or just painted!) . High precision Cut Thread. (Tight fit to high specifications, not a loose fit that the wheel nut can wiggle on stud! Some are not even drilled centre and threads badly cut!) . Multi-stage Post production Quality Control checks. - Salt spray tests to simulate long term exposures: 6 months, 1 year, 3 years!


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